Two Hot Tips on How to Win More with Slots

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Do you enjoy playing slots? I do, which is why I always look for ways to squeeze a better payout. Why not delight in my favorite game for longer, and at the same time have better chances to hit it big-time.

Here I am going to share no less than two of my best hot tips on how to win more with slots.

Tip 1: Play Celebrity Slots


When I say play celebrity slots, I mean slots based on top movies, or famous people. What immediately comes to mind are Dark Knight Slots, with the theme from the Dark Knight movie. Or, when it comes to slots with the famous people theme, my first choice goes for the Rocky Balboa slots, which is made after the Silvester Stalone character in his Rockie movies.

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By the way, there is a good reason why I recommend playing celebrity slots. Because they are typically made with mega-budgets, they attract lots of players from all over the world, and have absolutely fantastic jackpots to match.

To win a jackpot, whether it’s a tiny one or a mega-one, all you need is one lucky spin. That’s all it takes. One lucky spin. With that in mind, I’d rather go after something that can add lots of zeros to my bank account. Wouldn’t you?

Tip 2: Make Use of the Welcome Bonus

When you go to a land-based casino, what do they give you as a welcome bonus? Absolutely nothing! Zilch. Nada. That’s why I only play in online casinos – with them, it’s a whole different ball-game.

Come to think of it, I really do not understand people who open an account in an online casino with the measly $10 and get the $10 matching bonus. Guess what – they just turn their back to one of the biggest advantages of playing in online casinos. Hey, you only live once, so play in style give yourself a decent chance to win BIG.

That’s I from me this time, and remember – think big, play big, and enjoy a big life!

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