Top Tips for Safe Online Poker Play

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Online poker is an exciting and fun game, giving you the chance to win (and lose) large amounts of money. And, while losing is never fun, you want to make sure you are only losing money to your opponents – not because someone got a hold of your credit card. These days, shopping and gambling online is incredibly safe – as long as you are smart about it. Read on for a few key tips to guarantee that your money does not fall into the wrong hands – only when you have a losing hand!


Only play on a legitimate site

There are probably thousands of online poker websites out there, and all of them want you to think they are safe. But the fact is, there is no way to trust anyone who puts up a website and claims you can gamble there. However, it does not take a ton of effort to track down a legitimate site. Ask around your fellow poker players, or do a quick Google search, and you will quickly learn how to weed out the imposters and others who are just trying to get your credit card number, and instead direct your time and attention to legitimate online poker rooms like

Put up a defense

Even once you have selected a site, there are still a few other things you will want to do to ensure your online safety. The first is to regularly check that your antivirus software is to up to date. Otherwise, you could be exposing yourself to identity thieves who could use advanced techniques to hack into your computer and access your sensitive financial and personal information. In addition to keeping your computer protected, be careful about websites that you visit and links that you click on – you could accidentally download something that will read your bank details when you enter them on a totally safe and legitimate site.

Use payment processors

A final mode of protection is to use a payment processor. These come in different forms, and are basically just a way to put up an additional line of defense between you and any identity thieves trying to snatch your information. This can be anything from a third party website that will process payments safely and remotely, to purchasing a sort of debit card with a limited amount of cash on it. Also, if you choose to use your regular credit card, check in with your credit card company on their security measures.

Online poker does not have to be a scary thing. Just follow these best practices, and you can play safely online – without ever having to worry about your credit card details being stolen!

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