The Difference Between Soft Games and Casino Games

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In the only gaming industry there are different categories of games. Each category represents a whole world of features, restrictions, availability and selection. In this article we’ll try to explain about two very similar categories with similar feature but a very different nature – casino games and soft games.

Casino games are simpler to explain, since they’ve been around for longer and most people already know what they are. Classic casino games include blackjack, roulette and craps. Some will also include under this category slot games. Online Casino games sites are usually designed with dark colors, which were intentionally picked in order to send out a certain message – a message of seriousness, trying to attract heavy rollers and basically pushing players to spend a lot of money and hopefully lose it. After all, that game provider makes money from people losing theirs. You can see examples of such games in sites like 888 or Partycasino.

Another category, which was introduced to the gambling world about 4 years ago, is soft games. Under this category you can find games like: scratch cards, lottery, bingo, slots, video poker and different skill games like Mahjong. You can visit this soft games provider to see an example of such games. As you can see the general design is with bright colors, very similar to sites like the National lottery. These games providers are not primarily targeting high rollers, although they do offer games and bets which will fit these kinds of players as well. They also don’t try to make players lose a lot of money and actually have safety mechanizes which will prevent a player from losing more than he or she can afford.

Although in first site these two categories look the same, they are completely different by many factors, as you can now probably understand.

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