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Many people visit the circus throughout both their childhood and adulthood, and anyone that has not had a chance to experience it first-hand could truly be considered to be missing out. It has long been one of the most convenient forms of local entertainment although the popularity of circuses has dwindled somewhat over the years. Fortunately, casino software makes have allowed it to live on by bringing the sights and sounds directly into slots players’ homes. Microgaming, the largest manufacturer in the world, is a perfect example of this, with three excellent slots based around the circus, while other major players also get in on the act. Here we look at the cream of online slots with a circus theme, each of which is easily accessible.
Big Top is by far the most popular of Microgaming’s stable of circus games, in no small part due to the fact that it is so simple. The theme itself is represented by the unique background music and the reel symbols which include the clown, ringmaster, performing elephant and seal. The actual slot is beautiful in its simplicity, with only nine win lines and a fixed bet of one coin per line.
The Big Top itself is the most valuable symbol on the slot and can lead to the jackpot payout of 5,000 coins – certainly not bad at all for a one coin investment. There is also the clown wild symbol, which can fill in on spins that would otherwise lose, and the monkey scatter symbol. There are no bonus rounds to unlock; Big Top is simply pure, unadulterated reel spinning slot fun.
circus-slots-2 The next step up at Microgaming casinos is Flying Circus, which takes many of the most loved ingredients of Big Top and adds a bonus feature. The elephant, clown and ringmaster are each present once again, although in this case the clown is the scatter symbol and the ringmaster is the wild card. Five ringmasters along any of the twenty pay lines award the largest prize in the game. Three or more clowns take the player to the reel-based bonus game, where they can avail of 25 free spins with all payouts doubled.
In the same manner as Flying Circus is something of an update to Big Top, Grand Circus takes it one step further and is again produced by Microgaming. It is the most advanced of the three, but retains many of the same characters, and also offers the same number of win lines as its predecessor. In Grand Circus, the clown is now in a cannon and is once again joined by the ringmaster and lion, plus new symbols such as the juggler, clown car and bear on a unicycle. There is no wild symbol as such, but there are a total of three different scatter symbols. When they line up correctly, the player is taken to a bonus round with twenty free spins. Unlike Flying Circus, the bonus multiplier is not fixed. Instead, a random multiplier is assigned to each spin. An additional bonus round involves bears walking on a tightrope. The player can select three of the six bears to reveal instant coin prizes.
Rival Gaming’s entry in the niche is called 5-Reel Circus. It mainly sets itself apart from the crowd by introducing an even wider range of symbols, such as the bearded lady and contortionist. The break dancer is an important symbol in the free spins round as he dictates the multiplier applied to the ten free spins when the round is activated.
circus-slots-3 When it comes to online circus themed slots, we feel that we have saved the best for last. Circus of Cash is definitely our favourite entry in the genre, and for good reason. There are numerous bonus rounds, each with its own subtheme such as the fire breather’s own round, where he sets fire to the reels, causing up to three entire reels to become wild at once.
Players can also enjoy bonus features based on the performing elephant and the lion tamer, each of which takes place on the reels, just like with the fire breather. There are also second screen features, known as the Caravan Sideshows. In these games, players will encounter the strongman, bearded lady and knife thrower in various tests of luck.
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