Responsible Gambling

Playing games online for free is not gambling because there is no money involved. It’s just entertainment – you cannot win or lose any money.

However, in all cases when playing pokies machines does involve money, we believe in and endorse the responsible gambling policies and practices. These include:

  • Playing only in a safe, secure and supportive environment
    Online casinos we endorse provide 24/7 support, and all of their software is certified. Making deposits and withdrawing the winnings is easy and straightforward.

  • Being informed and making informed decisions
    We explain how pokies machines operate, what are the odds of winning, and other details to assist you in making informed decisions.

  • Playing only with the funds set aside for the purpose of gambling
    We do not think that gambling with your lifetime savings is a good idea. Or with your college fund. Or your mortgage.

  • Prohibiting minors from gambling
    Online casinos are to implement stringent age verification techniques to ensure that only people of the legal gambling age can participate in the activity.

  • Respecting privacy of the players
    Online casinos are obliged to take due care to ensure the customer’s rights to privacy.

  • Responsible promotions and advertising
    All promotional materials by online casinos are to be presented truthfully and not in a false, deceptive or misleading way.