Las Vegas Sands Aims to Tackle the Japanese Market

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On the back of its wildly successful investment in Macau, Las Vegas Sands is now rumoured to be looking to replicate this triumph with a huge investment in Japan.

Although all gambling aside from sports betting (which goes on online with companies like Sbobet and M88 vao) is currently illegal in Japan and Vietnam, the phenomenal returns being seen from gambling in Macau are said to be giving Japanese officials food for thought when it comes to legalising casinos and it looks like the world’s biggest gambling company want to stake their claim on this potential new market.


Last year Macau, the only place in China where casinos are legal, generated $45.2 billion from its gambling industry — a whopping seven times more than seen in Las Vegas. Since Sands invested in Macau, the region now makes up more than 60% of their annual profits, closely followed by Singapore at 30% with the small remainder being made up by American earnings.

With whispers of Japan following hot on Macau’s heels, Sands CEO Sheldon Adelson now claims the company is willing to invest up to $10 billion in the country in the hopes that an early investment will give them dominance in the Japan’s burgeoning gambling industry.

If Las Vegas Sands’ previous models are taken into consideration, it is likely the company will target Japan’s biggest cities — Tokyo and Osaka — with large-scale resorts, and there are reports that they have begun opening offices and hiring in Japan already.

That’s not to say that Japan is Las Vegas Sands’ for the taking. Rival companies Melco Crown Entertainment Ltd., Wynn Resorts Ltd. and MGM Resorts International are also thought to be putting together investment plans as the potential capital available in Japan has similarly piqued their interest.

For now however, all plans rest on the bill to legalise gambling that is currently passing through Japanese government with a discussion date set for May. Should the bill be successful, it is no doubt that Las Vegas Sands and all its rivals will be looking to invest and have casinos ready in time to capitalise on the Tokyo Olympics in 2020.

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