Iron Man 2 Slots

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Iron Man slots screen shot

Whoa, baby! Iron Man 2 Slots is just such a great game – it not only brings the entertainment to the next level, but gives you a go at crime fighting as well. Having in mind that online gambling is still illegal in some parts of the world, if you happen to play from one of these places you’ll be committing a crime at the same time while fighting it!

You know what this reminds me of? Dexter TV series! Here’s the funny question: is Dexter’s Miami Metro Police ever going to solve more crimes than it commits? The judgement is still out there.

Seriously, though, we’re not advocating breaking the law if you happen to be unlucky to live in one of the countries that bans online gambling, far from it. If this is the case, forget about gambling and go play marbles in the street instead – the government approves of it, and your kids will be happy. As for me, I am happy I live in the country whereby I get to decide what I do with my money, not the government.

Where was I? Ah, yes – the Iron Man 2 Slots: I just love this game!

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