Incredible Hulk Slots

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Incredible Hulk slots screen shot

Let me tell you something about the Incredible Hulk Slots

The other day I was stuck in traffic, we were going at half a mile per hour for half an hour. What does it make it? 1/4 of a mile. In 30 minutes. In a car!!! I could cover a greater distance blindfolded, with my arms tied behind my back, and while jumping on one foot.

I was so mad at this ridiculous waste of my time, that I wished I could turn into the Incredible Hulk and toss all the other cars aside. Eh, wishful thinking…

Unfortunately, no-one can turn into the Incredible Hulk, except maybe my wife when I am late home from a pub. So, I do the second-best: I play the Hulk slots game- Eurogrand casino!

By the way, you wouldn’t think that Incredibly Hulk can expand even more, would you? Wait till you see the Expanding Hulk bonus:

expanding hulk

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