Glamorous Enchanted Woods Video Poker

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Enchanted Woods Video Poker

Enchanted Woods Video Poker

Compared to slots, video poker has always lagged behind in popularity.

However, people looking to make a dollar or two rather than just entertain themselves know that video poker offers the unique skills plus luck combination that nets you the average of over well over 99%, making the casino advantage insubstantial – provided of course that you stick to the full-pay machines.

The video game with the truly glamorous feel about is is Enchanted Woods. If you’d like to try it out for free, at Yapi Game all it takes is a click or two, no downloads, to load it and enjoy it. Enchanted Woods is a video poker that we all know and love all right… but with the look and feel given to it with an artist (or perhaps more of them), it’s just terrific.

Video Poker Takes Skill, not just Luck

Unlike slots, video poker is not pure luck. You do need to know when to hold and what to hold and what to discard, and when you master it, you’re in for awesome rewards. It’s probably the only casino game with a little more than 100% probability of returns, when you take the bonuses into account. Make sure to practice it for free first, and when you have the confidence to always find the best play for any given card combination it will be time to introduce the real money 🙂

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