eGap Game Fairness Guidelines

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Safe play is important when gambling at online casinos. Users taking part in online games trust the websites that the software’s being used don’t control them in any way. Software’s have an undue advantage over the players. Because of this and many other risks involved, many online casino licensing organizations are working towards bringing fair play in the game. The eCogra is one organization which has brought forward eGAP guidelines for every area related to the online casinos.

egap game fairness guidelines

The  eGAP makes sure that the casinos carry out regular checks on their systems for the safety of their users. The checks of the software’s are to be as thorough and as rigorous as possible and even a minor fault in the program is to be corrected. The guidelines also require that these assessments are carried out by people who are not associated to the field of online casinos in any way.

All casino games and their random numbers are being monitored regularly. The number is generated randomly which cannot be guessed by anyone even the maker of the game. The guidelines state the design and the working of the number to be checked before it is allowed to be operated. An examination is to be done every time the RNG is changed.

The payout percentage review is to be carried out as stated by eGAP. Several players believe that the free games are more profitable to entice people to play for real money and the eGAP keeps the return percentage statics same in the free play as well as the money play.

If you plan on using any gaming website, make sure that the online casino you join is running under standard eCogra guidelines.

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