Bingo over the Holidays

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bingo-holiday-offersWith the holidays and the Festive Season ahead of us, what are bingo operators doing?

There are plenty of offers around, with such great diversity that it is hard to compare them directly.

After checking them all, we’ve settled for 3:

  • On 1st of January, Tasty Bingo is giving away a jackpot of £3,000 – not shabby at all. Furthermore, if you accumulate just 500 bonus points before that, you’ll be rewarded with a free card, so the jackpot can be yours for free.
  • Posh Bingo has an even bigger jackpot on January 1stL the massive £5,000. It does not come for free, but the tickets are only £1 each.
  • At Mecca Bingo you enjoy the whole lot of specials over the Christmas period – including playing bingo for free and getting heavily discounted tickets.

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