Microgaming Launches Game of Thrones Slot Machine


Microgaming Launches Game of Thrones Slot Machine

After a long wait, during which the only thing it said was “brace yourselves”, Microgaming has finally launched its Game of Thrones online video slot machine, based on the hugely popular HBO series.

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What are the Most Glamorous Casinos of them All?

Out of one gazilion offers out there, how do you choose what's best for you?

First and foremost, it most definitely pays to be careful: some online casinos are rigged and outright dishonest, some are small and at risk of going bankrupt, some give low returns making it next-to-impossible to win... and the list goes on. When it comes to Game Glamour, we're double-checking and triple-checking everything we recommend. Here's our criteria:

  • - Top-of-the-class, state-of-the-art games
  • - Online casinos hosting the games must be certified and have the spotless reputation
  • - Generous returns to players (96% as the absolute minimum)
  • - Generous Welcome Bonus (100% match or better)
  • - Loyalty bonuses you can converts to chips and cash
  • - 24/7 friendly customer support
  • - Quick and easy deposits and withdrawals - no jumping through hoops

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Through the All Slots Casino review players can read about the different games that are offered, learn about the characters that come to life in the slots games and feel the excitement of a potential win from one of the slots or progressive slots games that are offered.

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With so many high quality online casino slots games to choose from, sometimes the hardest part is choosing the one you want to play. Choose between simple three reel slots or dynamic five reel video slots. You can also go for the big money by playing slots with progressive jackpots.


Slots Online: Tips And Strategies To Play Online Slots Slots Online: Tips And Strategies To Play Online Slots

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Where to Play the Slots? Where to Play the Slots?

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Enjoy the Privilege to Socialize with a Game of Bingo Enjoy the Privilege to Socialize with a Game of Bingo

Isn’t the joy of playing online bingo on the sites just multiplied with the ability to connect with the friendly chat hosts and your online buddies? Yes, you got it right! Most of the bingo sites have interactive chat features along with some cool chat coordinators who ensure that you have a wonderful experience throughout your bingo session.

Chat Lingo Keeps it Fun Chat Lingo Keeps it Fun

It seems like chat lingo has permanently invaded the vernacular. After all, when was the last time that you had to explain what “LOL” means to someone?

Online Casino

How to Rule Online Casino Games How to Rule Online Casino Games

With the appearance of online casinos, people no longer have to leave their couch or chair in order to enjoy the fine art of luck testing.

Best Casino Bonuses! Best Casino Bonuses!

The amazing thing casinos worldwide let their players do is use their bonuses. What does that mean? Well, casinos make up a bonus based on certain criteria and then notify the public in their special offer.


Why is roulette so popular in both online and offline establishments? Why is roulette so popular in both online and offline establishments?

The simplicity of roulette appeals to both casino novices and the expert gambler, while there are always plenty of roulette tables available in both versions of the casino environment.

European Roulette European Roulette

Unlike American Roulette which has a zero and a double-zero, the European variety has only one zero. Does it mean greater winning chances for you? You bet it does!


Blackjack by Playtech Blackjack by Playtech

If we had to make a choice, we’d go with the Playtech implementation of Blackjack because it is hard to find a single weak spot: the game plays very naturally, and the graphics, animation and sounds are superb.